Walking along new paths

Spring time is hiking time – Discover new offers for hikers in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Adventure loop on the neanderland Steig trail

There are new paths to the right and left of the neanderland Steig trail waiting to be discovered by hikers when the season starts in the spring. These circular routes, which are between two and 19 kilometres long, will gradually be opened from the spring of 2018 onwards. They take hikers to places of interest, historic town centres and the nature around the neanderland Steig.


The Baldeneysteig trail: Hiking around the Baldeneysee lake

In Essen in the Ruhr region, a new hiking trail was opened in 2017. The “Baldeneysteig” leads through the hilly landscape to the south of Essen around the Baldeneysee lake, and offers some great panoramic views. To the north, the route passes through forests to different viewing points, while in the south, it crosses fields and passes farms.


The “PaderWanderung” is an urban quality trail

The PaderWanderung trail, which is around twelve kilometres long, is the first certified urban trail by the Deutscher Wanderverband, the German hiking association. It was presented with the award in 2017, and runs along the river Pader. From its numerous sources to the town centre of Paderborn, it leads to the estuary into the river Lippe and back to the town centre. The criteria for an urban quality trail include the integration of urban nature and cultural attractions and a path that takes visitors away from the normal routes.

www.wanderverband.de | www.paderborn.de

Germany’s first quality trail with cultural attractions

The historic circular route of Siegen-Achenbach was the first trail to win the “Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland – Kulturerlebnis” (the quality award for hiking trails offering a cultural experience in Germany). Cultural and natural experiences such as wild orchids or an old wooden church can be found along the themed route, which covers about twelve kilometres.

www.siegerland-wittgenstein-tourismus.de | www.wanderbares-deutschland.de

Hiking app for the Münsterland region

Since the beginning of the last winter season, a hiking app has been available for the network of hiking trails in the Münsterland region, which extends over around 3,000 kilometres. It presents all the 90 or so hiking trails in the region, with map material and route descriptions, information about places of interest and the current location coordinates in case of an emergency. The app is free of charge.


Eifelsteig hiking bus

The Eifelsteig hiking bus celebrated its première in mid-April 2017. Hikers can use the bus at the weekend and on public holidays to reach stage destinations along the Eifelsteig trail and its partner routes until the beginning of November, enabling them to switch trails in a flexible way.




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