Welterbe Westwerk Corvey · Animation für VR-Brillen im Johannischor


Virtual world heritage: Corvey in a digital portrayal

The project is being funded mainly by the Paderborn archdiocese

Autor: Julia Bauer

From April 2019, it will be possible to experience the history of Corvey in a new way. A virtual space and light installation and virtual reality glasses will bring the history of the UNESCO world heritage site in Höxter alive.

The plans, which have the working title “Guarded by angels – in the heavenly city” are currently on display in Höxter. According to these plans, parts of the original colouring and Carolingian architecture of the westwork will be made visible again using digital reconstructions. Images, words and sounds will create a vibrant impression of the history of the building and artwork of the former Benedictine monastery.

The project is mainly being funded by the Archdiocese of Paderborn which is providing 2.5 million euros, which will also cover the classic restoration works. The federal government is also making 1.74 million euros available from its “National urban construction projects” funding programme. The virtual presentation of the westwork at Corvey is part of a new overall concept designed to further enhance world cultural heritage sites for the general public in a permanent, sustainable way.

The Carolingian westwork and Civitas Corvey have been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2014. Westworks and their towers were added to churches by monasteries in the kingdom that provided lodgings to travelling kinds or emperors. They were reserved for the attendance of services by the rulers. Today, the sunken monastery town of Civitas Corvey, with its ruins and streets, can be found underground as an archaeological monument, and it is possible to imagine how it looked almost in its entirety.

Internet: www.schloss-corvey.de




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