Köln um 1900


Virtual time travel to Cologne at the turn of the century

A special kind of city tour: A new offer takes visitors to Cologne on a journey back in time.

Autor: Julia Bauer

From autumn of 2017 on, Cologne will have a new tourist attraction. Visitors to the metropolitan city on the Rhine can experience the old city centre of Cologne as it was at the beginning of the 20th century and fully immerse themselves in the life on the streets at that time, thanks to modern virtual reality technology and a tactile feedback system. The time travel will be offered in a shop near Cologne Cathedral. “As a highlight of the permanent exhibition, visitors will enter a model of the first electric tram and experience a virtual, historically authentic tour of the city centre as it was 100 years ago”, explains the managing director of the TimeRide GmbH startup, Jonas Rothe. “Such a multi-sensory virtual reality experience is the first of its kind to date.”

The TimeRide concept is rounded off by stereoscopic photographs in the style of the “Kaiser panoramas” that were popular around 1900 and film documentaries.

The managing director of KölnTourismus, Josef Sommer, is also enthusiastic about the new offer: “We welcome the fact that TimeRide is offering visitors virtual time travel to historic Cologne with this innovative presentation. The product increases the attractiveness of Cologne as a travel destination and is an excellent supplement to the outstanding offers already available in the city.”

Internet: www.timeride.de




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