Blick auf den Naturerlebnispark mit Baumwipfelpfad, im Vordergrund ist der Aussichtsturm zu sehen


Unusual accommodation in NRW

Offers range from a wastewater pipe to a knight’s castle, and from Bollywood kitsch to a beer barrel

Autor: Julia Bauer

Sleeping in a wastewater pipe, Bottrop

Perhaps the most unusual hotel rooms in NRW have a diameter of 2 meters and a length of 2.60 meters. In the Bernepark in Bottrop, on a former sewage treatment site, guests sleep in standard sewage pipes. Despite the sparse furnishings, the pipes are so popular that they get booked up quickly.

Accommodation in a colliery, Essen

In former times, the “Lohnhalle”, or “wage hall”, was the place where money was paid to workers. Today, guests can stay here overnight. The hotel combines industrial culture and individual hospitality, and is probably the only one of its kind near and far. Interested guests can also book a guided tour of the colliery. |

Sleeping in a beer barrel, Ostbevern

The Landhotel Hof Beverland offers overnight stays in a beer barrel, treehouse or sailing boat. Overall, there are 62 themed rooms to choose from.

Accommodation in a sleeping cask, Lindlar

Somewhat more comfortable, albeit still rather small and cosy, are the sleeping casks in the “Campingcamp” in Lindlar, in the “Oberbergisches Land” region. With a view out onto the hills, the wooden casks offer accommodation for up to four people. To make sure that no-one gets cold during cooler nights, they even offer heating.

Sleeping in a treehouse, Waldbröhl

In 2015 the Panarbora nature experience park opened in Waldbröhl in the Bergisches Land region. As well as a barrier-free treetop walk, another highlight are the treehouses where visitors can stay overnight. For people who have a fear of heights, there is the option of staying in African huts, Asian yurts and South American stilt houses.

Holidays on the water

Visitors staying in the “Floating Houses” on the North Sea near Xanten are very close to the water. The houseboats are firmly anchored on the shores of the lake on the Lower Rhine.

Holidays in a mountain village, and sleeping in a teepee, Schmallenberg

In what is probably the northernmost mountain village in the German-language area, the “LiebesGrün”, cars are taboo. Hand carts or free baggage transport is provided for carrying luggage. Visitors can also choose to sleep in original Indian teepees. During the winter, there is another benefit: your own ski lift, which starts right in front of the hut door.

Sleeping next to the ski piste, Neuss

Guests can doze peacefully between bearskins and the tiled stove, enjoying the panoramic mountain view and the alpenglow in the Fire & Ice hotel. And the best thing of all: the next morning, the piste is there waiting in the indoor ski run next door – even at the height of summer!

Accommodation in a goat shed, Arnsberg

In the Wildwald Vosswinkel, guests can experience the forest far away from the everyday hustle and bustle. There is an option of sleeping in a shepherd’s hut, high up in a hunter’s hide, or in a goat hotel, a garret directly above a goat shed.

“Rast im Knast”, Petershagen

In Petershagen in the Teutoburg Forest, guests can take a rest in the prison, or “Rast im Knast” in the prison cells of the former district court.  The cells have metal bunk beds, and a three-course last slap-up meal is served. Guests can even choose to sleep in a striped prison garment if they wish.

Camping at Cologne Zoo

During the day, the animals are fed, but at night, visitors can put up their tents at Cologne Zoo. There are offers available for adults and children. Family camps are also offered at regular intervals.

Camping in the open air, Eifel

In the Hohes Venn-Eifel nature park, visitors can stay in the first trekking campsites in NRW. In other words, they are accessible only on foot along hiking paths, and offer a night under the starry sky, far away from civilisation and background noise.

Dreaming in a four poster bed, Bad Laasphe

In the middle of a large, idyllic garde in Bad Laasphe, overnight guests can sleep in the “Wittgensteiner Himmelbett”, the Wittgenstein four poster bed. Here, in a hand-sewn linen sleeping bag and a period-style pointed cap, they can lie cosily in a featherbed under the open sky. A champagne breakfast is served in bed. If it rains, guests are offered a bed in the guesthouse right away.

Camping under a roof, Bonn

In this way, camping is even fun when it never stops raining. In the BaseCamp Young Hostel in Bonn, caravans are housed in a former warehouse hall. 16 retro caravans are available to choose from, as well as two sleeper carriages, two original US Airstreams and other unusual places to sleep.

Hay beds, various locations

There are many places where visitors can sleep in the hay in NRW, including the Heuhotel Dümpenhof in Wachtendonk and in the Moerenhof in Xanten. |

“842”, Winterberg

The highest beds in NRW can be found on the bare branches in Winterberg. The “842” hotel, which is named after its location at 841.9 meters above sea level, offers guests peace and quiet above the treetops in the Sauerland region.

Staying in palaces and castles, at various locations

There are not only countless palaces and castles in NRW that are open to visitors. Some of them also offer the option of staying overnight. At the Burg Altena castle, for example, which houses Germany’s first youth hostel, as well as a range of other old residences.


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