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North Rhine-Westphalia has so much to offer in 2019. Tourismus NRW has provided an overview of new excursion destinations, upcoming celebrations and special events.

Favourite places in Sauerland

Mountain peaks, cliffs, churches and underground caves – the Sauerland region offers unusual locations with a special appeal: Under the heading ‘Favourite places in Sauerland’, the Sauerland hiking villages introduce over 40 hiking stations that have a relaxing and inspiring effect on their visitors, but also tell stories and are of special significance to the locals. For example, these include the free chair in Medebach, which was once where court was held for free peasants and nobles.

Cologne cooks creatively

During Fine Food Days Cologne, which take place from 31 August to 8 September 2019, top chefs from Cologne and the surrounding areas will create fireworks with culinary highlights, gastronomic experiments and crossover events. Thus, three-star chef Dieter Müller is taking guests on a culinary journey through the musical world of Jacques Offenbach, the „inventor of the operetta“, whose 200th birthday will be celebrated. Just as artists are served food backstage at a concert, star chef Daniel Gottschlich revealed that on 1 September he will be serving a five-course rock star menu.

Music picnic in beautiful castle gardens

To mark the 200th birthday of the Cologne composer Jacques Offenbach, the most beautiful castles in Rhein-Erft and the Oberbergisch district will be offering a combination of concerts and picnics. From 7 July to 22 September 2019, Offenbach’s familiar melodies will ring out under the open sky, immersed in the historic ambience. The eight stately homes that are to become concert venues include, for example, the Kommandeursburg country estate in Kerpen, where the ensemble of Kammeroper Köln will play in the park on 11 August 2019. Visitors will also be purchasing a filled picnic basket and blanket when they buy their tickets.

Wasserburg becomes the Center for Literature

At Hülshoff Castle in Münsterland, the birthplace of poet Annette of Droste-Hülshoff, an interdisciplinary centre for literature, film, performance, dance, music, media and net art, architecture and society has been developed. Therefore, under the heading ‘Grow!’, the Center for Literature in Havixbeck will focus on different processes of building, rebuilding and growing in 2019. And so, the park of the historic Wasserburg is to become home to an all-year-round gardening project involving plants and media. A permanent exhibition chronicles the history of the picturesque Wasserburg and the life of the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff.

Wild photo fun at the Neanderthal Museum

Huge animal pictures invite you to experience extraordinary encounters: At the special exhibition „Simply Wild! Photo Fun with Dino, Mammoth and Co.“, from 18 May to 3 November 2019, visitors can have pictures taken of themselves with dinosaurs, tigers and mammoths. The realistic photos from the show are completed by the visitors and take on a 3D effect. In addition to the photo fun, information and exciting objects like the skull of a T-Rex and the skeleton of a pterosaur await.

The German Mining Museum in Bochum opens new tours

After two years of renovations, the German Mining Museum in Bochum presents the first part of its new permanent exhibition: Tour 1 recounts the history of the German coal mining industry, while Tour 2 focuses on the relationships between humans and mining through the ages worldwide. Both traditional forms of presentation as well as interactive games, multimedia learning stations and hands-on exhibits are used. In addition to these, a children’s trail leads through the tours with its own exhibits at eye level for the youngest visitors. Meanwhile, the museum renovations will be continuing until the summer of this year.


Barrier-free Kneipp experiences on the Lower Rhine

For over a year, Xanten Leisure Centre (FZX) has been carrying out construction work to redesign the leisure facilities on offer. In the project period to the end of 2019, the leisure landscape around the lakes of Xantener Nord and Südsee are being re-designed to accommodate health-based and barrier-free tourism and are being expanded to include new and innovative health offerings. The plans include barrier-free Kneipp experience stations on topics such hydrotherapy, life balance, medicinal herbs, exercise and diet.

Tour of Bielefeld’s urban culture

Participants can experience just how colourful Bielefeld’s west side is on a new city tour: The neighbourhood tour highlights both well-known and unknown hotspots, focusing on topics such as pub culture, football and street art. The focal point of the approx. 2.5-hour tour centred around Siegfriedplatz, surrounded by old buildings, is the urban side of Bielefeld, which is demonstrated, among other things, by what are in part entirely new graffiti artworks. Hands-on activities are also on the programme; participants can grab a can of spray paint and design a jute bag with graffiti art.

Art for Münster, a gift from Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter specially designed a Foucault pendulum for the baroque Dominican Church in Münster. In the installation „Two grey double mirrors for a pendulum“, it has been swinging continuously over a circular floorplate since June 2018. As it swings, the plane under the ball rotates slowly to the east, following the rotation of the earth. This continuous movement, as well as the interior of the church and its visitors, are reflected in four glass panels, which are mounted in pairs onto the walls of the cross vault, also forming part of the artwork.

Bonn looks forward to the Beethoven Jubilee

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn in December 1770. The 250th birthday of the world famous composer, which is to be celebrated all over Germany from 16 December 2019 up until the 250th anniversary of his baptism on 17 December 2020, will be celebrated throughout the region of Bonn with concerts, exhibitions, theatre pieces and activities. Famous international guests such as Daniel Barenboim, Sir Simon Rattle, Teodor Currentzis and Kent Nagano have announced their participation. The central show is the exhibition „Beethoven. – World.Citizen.Music“, which can be seen from 17 December 2019 to 26 April 2020 at the Bundeskunsthalle. At the same time, the Beethoven House will present valuable objects relating to the life and work of the composer as part of the new experience-oriented permanent exhibition in the house where Beethoven was born.
www.bthvn2020.de | www.bonn-region.de

Charles V and Albrecht Dürer meet in Aachen

In 1520, two important historical figures travelled to Aachen: Charles V, who was formally crowned king at the cathedral, and Albrecht Dürer, one of the greatest artists of his time. On 7 October 2020, exactly 500 years after the arrival of Albrecht Dürer in Aachen, three exhibitions are to open in Aachen to mark the occasion of this historical meeting. The main exhibition can be seen at the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum until 10 January 2021, focussing on Dürer’s journey and the associated artistic production. In compliment to this, Centre Charlemagne will address the magnificent coronation of Charles V, and the Ludwig Forum for International Art will be showing works by travelling contemporary artists.

Fly over the Eifel

With two new obstacle courses and a total of twelve zip lines, Seepark Zülpich invites visitors to try out a range of high-flying adventures. In the spring of 2019, the Flying Fox Park opened on the 20-hectare site. Visitors can fly over land and water at speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour. One of the obstacle courses, which includes climbing elements and rope slides at a maximum height of eight metres, is also suitable for children as young as ten. The second course leads to a height of up to twelve metres and is much more demanding. The highlight of both courses is the finish: A 126-metre long flight directly over the Zülpich water sports lake to the landing site on the beach.

Cycle above the roofs of the city

Cycling on former railway lines in the city triangle of Remscheid, Solingen and Wuppertal often means cycling above the roofs of the city. Wuppertal’s north railway line runs simultaneously through the middle of and above the city, while still being surrounded by greenery. It offers approximately 50 kilometres of magnificent views of the city, the countryside and the Wupper river.

Get to know Dusseldorf’s culinary soul

Dusseldorf’s Old Town is one of the largest food markets in the world. The huge array of culinary delights offered along the alleyways are revealed over the course of a 3-hour tour. During the tour, participants learn about brew house culture and immerse themselves in the world of spices and Düsseldorf mustard. The high point is the visit to the weekly market on Carlsplatz, where one can find market traders selling olive oil, wine and cheese from all over the world.

Barrier-free travel in Teutoburg Forest

Under the heading „Travel Opportunities for All“, Teutoburg Forest tourism has distinguished itself as a barrier-free travel region. Forty locations are already involved, for example Gasthaus Haxterpark in Paderborn, which has developed a barrier-free golfing offer for the adjacent golf course.

Along themed routes through the Bergische Land

Six themed routes lead motorists, motorcyclists and camper van drivers along scenic roads past some of the region’s most remarkable sights. For example, you can choose the half-timbered route, which goes past typical Bergische half-timbered houses, the Bonte Kerken tour, which leads to small churches with colourfully painted interiors, or the reservoirs route, which goes around the large lakes. The Bergische Land panorama tour combined all of the region’s highlights on a sightseeing tour that passes Altenberg Cathedral, Burg Castle, Bever Reservoir and Agger Reservoir and the Panarbora Park treetop walk.




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