Düsseldorf’s best photo spots

One of the most frequently photographed works of art in the city is a bronze sculpture

Autor: Katharina Hogrebe

A new magazine presents visitors to Düsseldorf with photo spots that are particularly suitable for posting on Instagram.  Entitled “Unsere besten Plätze und Storys” (“Our best places and stories”), the free printed booklet also includes the most important tourist destinations, as well as different guided tours, and tells brief stories about the city. Readers are given answers to such questions as: “Why is the waiter so unfriendly?”, or “What are the figures on the advertising columns?”. A special section on art and culture describes the museums on offer, the underground stations on the Wehrhahn line designed by artists and the “Fortuna-Büdchen”, a drinking hall on the banks of the Rhine that has become a place of pilgrimage for football fans.

Each chapter contains references to instagrammable motifs, including classic such as Gehry buildings and the Kö-Graben, as well as tips on small things to look out for, such as the sculpture “Die Auseinandersetzung” (“the discussion”). These bronze figures in the old city have now become one of the most frequently photographed works of art in Düsseldorf.

The city guide is available in the tourist information offices and as an e-paper.





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