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New tours to special music locations in NRW: Sound of #urbanana presentation

Digital guide leads to more than 150 points of interest

Autor: Katharina Hogrebe

The new web app, “The Sound of #urbanana” takes visitors on a tour through pop history. The digital guide covers over 150 locations in Cologne, Düsseldorf and the Ruhr region. In Cologne, there is the former Basement Club, for example, where Wolfgang Niedecken, the singer in the band BAP, met his guitarist and songwriter Klaus Heuser. The guide also takes you to the Kompakt label in the Belgian Quarter, which is a booking agency and record store, as well as the birthplace of Cologne’s famous minimal sound, the “Sound of Cologne”. Locations in Düsseldorf include the Kunstakademie (the art college) and the former Kling-Klang studio on the Mintropstraße, where Kraftwerk recorded their music. Or the former Ratinger Hof, where German punk and New Wave began. In the Ruhr region, visitors can listen to the lines by Extrabreit on their headphones: “Come to Hagen, become a pop star, make your own luck!”, while in Bochum, the guide spans music ranging from Herbert Grönemeyer to Frida Gold.

Through the integration of the Spotify streaming service, the online guide is enriched by numerous songs that match the different locations. Audio and video recordings of artists also give an impression of the night life, even during the day. Users can follow both pre-set pop routes or discover the music spots on their own initiative in “impro” mode. There is also the option of immersing yourself in the pop history of the cities with long documentaries.

You’ll find press material, including images and sound, here. There are more travel tips in #urbanana under www.dein-nrw.de/urbanana and in English under www.nrw-tourism.com/urbanana.



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