Station der neuen Achterbahn "Star Trek Operation Enterprise"


New Star Trek roller coaster opened in the Movie Park

A true to life replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise command bridge is just one of the rides in the adventure park.

Autor: Julia Bauer

With its unique attractions worldwide, the Movie Park Germany in Bottrop attracts visitors: The “Star Trek: Operation Enterprise” roller coaster has now opened. The triple launch coaster is the highlight of a newly designed “Federation Plaza”, a theme area covering over 1,000 square metres. On their way to the roller coaster, visitors pass various different rides, such as Holodecks, two transporter rooms and a true to life replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise command bridge from “The Next Generation” series. In space after space, visitors are immersed in a story, are trained as Starfleet cadets during the course of the ride, and will soon be ready to set out on their first mission.
The Movie Park is the only adventure park worldwide to have an official Star Trek license for a roller coaster ride, which has now been completed after a planning and construction period of around two years. Before starting out on the project, the park commissioned numerous market and target group studies and conducted visitor surveys. The result: a new thrill attraction with a film license typical for the park.





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