Schloss Dyck in Jüchen


New hotel opened at Schloss Dyck palace

A restaurant and a new ballroom have also been created

Autor: Julia Bauer

Visitors to Schloss Dyck palace now have the opportunity to stay overnight. A hotel has opened in the water palace in Jüchen. It is located in the former restored coach house in the palace grounds and has nine double rooms, some of which can be occupied by three people, while two of the double rooms can be combined to create a family room. All rooms are furnished in natural tones, with high windows and low window sills that invite guests to sit down and enjoy the view. The hotel looks out over the historic buildings and English landscape garden. The development of the coach house has also led to the creation of a restaurant and a new ballroom.

As Jens Spanjer, chairman of the Schloss Dyck Foundation, explains, “With the hotel, restaurant and new ballroom in the coach house, we are now able to host events of almost all kinds in a very beautiful setting. An increase in visitor numbers, as well as cultural events, which now need to continue without subsidies for ongoing operations, mean that we need to be able to make attractive offers”.

The total cost of the redevelopment was 6.2 million euros, of which 1.2 million euros were funded by the North Rhine-Westphalia state urban development promotional body and the local Rhine district of Neuss. The around 5 million euros remaining are currently still being provided by the foundation itself, since decisions regarding funding applications for the complete renovation of listed buildings are still outstanding.





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