Menschen stehen im Dunkeln vor der Motorworld in Köln


Cologne event location opens with Michael Schumacher exhibition

In the V8 theme hotel, guests can park their own car next to them over night.

Autor: Katharina Hogrebe

Here, and in the surrounding area, engines have always played an important role. On the site of the former Cologne airport at Butzweilerhof, the first daring attempts at flight were made in 1910, while during the 1930s, it was known as the “air hub of the West”. In June, the Motorworld Cologne | Rhineland has opened here – a new event location with a special highlight for all Formula 1 fans: sports cars, cups, a large number of F1 cars and other mementos from Michael Schumacher’s private collection can be seen in a permanent exhibition. Karts from the early years of the seven-times world champion from Kerpen are also on display – and entry is free.

The car theme is taken up everywhere, from the conference and meeting rooms, the listed reception hall and the V8-themed hotel to the large event space in Hangar II, which offers room for up to 4,000 guests. Guests in the V8 hotel are taken on a journey through time through different interiors, from legendary vintage cars to sporty modern classic cars and visionary designs for the future. The special highlight are the five car lofts, where guests can sleep directly next to their own car.




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