New Car Routes lead through the Bergisches Land region

The routes are between 75 and 290 kilometres long

Autor: Julia Bauer

In the Bergisches Land region, six new themed routes have been created for cars, motorbikes and camper van drivers along scenic roads and past places of interest in the area. Drivers can choose from the half-timbered building tour (“Fachwerk-Route”), which passes typical half-timbered houses of the region, the “Bonte Kerken” tour, with its small churches with colourfully painted interiors, or the reservoir dam tour (“Talsperren-Route”) that runs around the large lakes. Along the cathedral view route (“Domblicke-Tour”), visitors follow panoramic views over Cologne in the Bergisches Land region, while on the castle route (“Burgen-Tour”) drivers are shown the history of the region. All the regional highlights are included in the “Panorama-Route Bergisches Land”, which is a circular tour covering attractions such as the Altenberger Dom cathedral, the primate and bird park in Eckenhagen, several “Bonte Kerken” painted churches, the Panarbora treetop walk, Schloss Homburg palace and the LVR open-air museum in Lindlar.

The routes are between 75 and 290 kilometres long and are all circular, except for the reservoir dam route. Information on hotels or bed and breakfast accommodation, as well as camper van parking spaces and campsites at the side of the road is available on the Internet.

Internet: www.dasbergische.de




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