Following clues with a new nature park app

The destinations include abandoned monasteries, watermills, windmills and castle ruins

Autor: Katharina Hogrebe

Visitors to the Maas-Schwalm-Nette nature park in the Lower Rhine region can go on a cultural-historical journey of discovery with a new app. Entitled “Auf Spuren: Biografie einer Landschaft” (“Following clues: biography of a landscape”), the digital guide takes users to abandoned monasteries, watermills and windmills, castle ruins and disused mines. The multimedia app, with videos, photos and audio recordings, presents 350 locations in total in the German-Dutch border region. The destinations come in six categories: citizens and freedom, farmer and village, steam and electricity, stories and religion, borders and power, and landscape and nature. Users can therefore compile their own individual route according to their interests, and can follow the guide on foot or by bike.

The app is available free of charge from Google Play and in the App Store for mobile end devices with an Android or iOS operating system. All content is offered in Dutch, German and English.

The nature park, which lies between Roermond, Venlo and Mönchengladbach, also offers visitors many natural attractions, with its large number of rivers, lakes and wetlands, as well as the plants and animals that live there.





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