Solche durch internationale Künstler bemalte Hauswände, Murals genannt, sind in den letzten Jahren durch das Urban Art Festival CityLeaks in Köln entstanden


Discoveries in the urban jungle

Autor: Julia Bauer

An increasing number of travellers are interested in enjoying a very high degree of individuality when making city trips, and having experiences away from the beaten track. We have compiled 10 special attractions for visitors wanting to make new discoveries in cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, in #urbanana.


  • Go down underground! The artistic secrets of the brand new Wehrhahn line in Düsseldorf (tube) are on direct display in the underground
  • Whether it’s a tour of the “Büdchen” kiosks or urban art in Ehrenfeld and the Belgian Quarter you’re interested in, there are several unusual guided tours on offer as part of the Cologne #urbanCGN:
  • Culinary-cultural On a guided culinary tour, visitors are taken through exciting areas in the Ruhr region, as well as in Düsseldorf and Cologne:
  • Not everything is rosy in #urbanana Guided tours from the perspective of homeless people are offered in collaboration with the “fiftyfifty” street magazine in Düsseldorf:
  • Give coincidence a chance and “get lost” for a while: discover cities in a new way with the “Guide for Getting Lost” offered by the Flaneur Society, or the “Drift” iPhone app: and
  • Here, the invisible is made visible: in Essen, visitors can take a tour of the old city that is no longer there:
  • Prohibition in Cologne: will hijack visitors via an sms on their mobile and take them on a mysterious city tour to the nightlife of the 1920s:
  • The Düsseldorfer Schauspiel theatre is taking the bold step of offering “Faust (to go)” as a road movie, starting from a church, a school and a regional appeal court and moving towards the city area. The première is on 21 January 2017:
  • With the Sound of #urbanana, we pave the way to a pop historical tour through the Ruhr Area, Düsseldorf and Cologne. Follow each „Pop Trail“ with your phone in your hand to various clubs, bars and concert locations steeped in history along the tour:



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