Bauhaus and America

Light and kinetic art, experimental film and dance and performance art

Autor: Katharina Hogrebe

From 9 November 2018, to mark the centenary of the founding of Bauhaus, the LWL Museum for Art and Culture in Münster is focussing on the mutual influences of Bauhaus and America and their impact on art up to today. The “Bauhaus and America. Experiment in Light and Movement” exhibition, which runs until 10 March 2019, offers an overview of the influences of light and kinetic art, experimental film and dance and performance art. Since the “Bauhaus Stage” played a key role in modern dance, the museum is also cooperating with the TanzTheaterMünster dance theatre, which transfers the Bauhaus concepts to the present day and shows different original performances in the museum.

Loaned items from important international museums offer an insight into the experimental oeuvre of different artists such as Josef and Anni Albers, John Cage, Lucinda Childs, László Moholy-Nagy, Robert Rauschenberg, Oskar Schlemmer and James Turrell. One highlight of the exhibition is the comparison of the famous “Light Space Modulator” by László Moholy-Nagy with the “Coloured Light Plays” apparatus by Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack, which can be seen together again in Germany for the first time in many years.





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