BaldeneySteig: New hiking route in Essen

Four brief detours take hikers to attractions away from the main route.

Autor: Julia Bauer

The Ruhr area has a new hiking trail: the BaldeneySteig has now been opened in Essen. The main route leads visitors around the Baldeneysee lake on a route of around 30 kilometres in the hilly southern region of Essen, offering some extensive panoramic views. While the northern section of the route passes through forests and various viewpoints, in the south, it generally crosses fields and passes by farms.

Four brief detours also take hikers to attractions that are not directly located along the route. These include the beautiful old town of Essen-Werden or the ruins of Neu-Isenburg castle, which is hidden high up above the lake in the forest. The BaldeneySteig route covers a total altitude of 1,200 metres. Thanks to its good local public transport connections, the route is easy to explore in sections. The route can also be shortened by boarding a boat from the Weisse Flotte Baldey fleet, as well as the Hespertalbahn railway.

Internet: www.essengreen.capital



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